68 results
"I do" Pink Roses
Altar / Choir Boy
Altar / Choir Girl
Angel Sleeping / Protect Me
April Guardian Angel Praying For You
August Guardian Angel Free Spirit
Baby Angel Sleeping Peacefully
Baby Boy Angel
Baby Boy Angel - White
Baby Boy Angel Confirmation
Baby Boy Angel Praying
Baby Girl Angel
Baby Girl Angel Statue (Pink)
Baptised Into Christ boy
Baptised into Christ Girl
December Guardian Angel You Are My Star
February Guardian Angel Welcome To My Home
First Communion Boy Angel
First Communion Boy With Jesus
First Communion Girl Angel
First Communion Girl With Jesus
First Communion, An Angel and a Boy
First Communion, An Angel and a Girl
Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd
Hand of God - Baby Angel Sleeping
Holy Family
Holy Family
Holy Spirit Pink - Blonde
Holy Spirit Pink - Brunette
Holy Trinity Cross
Immaculate Heart
January Guardian Angel Holding A Teddy Bear
Jesus Lion and Lamb
July Guardian Angel Light Up My Day
June Guardian Angel Holding A Kitten
Keepsake Box (White Basket) Baby Boy
Keepsake Box (White Basket) Baby Girl
68 results
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